In two weeks, the incredible Baltimore Racial Justice Action will be hosting an anti-racist workshop for women and trans* folks, as per our request — see you there!

Women and Transgender People Achieving Racial Equity in Our Organizations

Sunday, April 29th

1:00 – 4:00 pm  

Baltimore Free School

512 W Franklin St

Baltimore, MD 21201


Everyone is talking about privilege. What can we do with it? How can we be sure that our efforts in groups with a social justice lens do not recreate racism and racial disparities that we recognize as a problem in U.S. society?

 If you are interested in racial equity:

  • But are afraid to explore it for fear of being misunderstood or “called out;”
  • Or if you are struggling with your own baggage around race and racism
  • Or if you want to increase your understanding of and effectiveness in diverse environments;
  • Or if you’re working on grass-roots organizing, working with community organizations;
  • Or want to organize in an anti-racism community,

Come join us for a frank discussion of contemporary race-related issues, focusing on privilege. In this workshop we will view Shakti Butler’s video, Mirrors of Privilege, and continue that conversation. The workshop will provide an opportunity to explore the first steps you can take to begin the process of creating equity in our organizations.

For women and trans people only. NOTE: This workshop is designed for white women and trans folks.  Women and trans folks of color are welcome to attend but should understand that the workshop will be focused on unpacking white privilege.