What this WBALTV story neglects to mention: Jaclyn Martin’s husband was abusive, and threatened her life at gunpoint.

From the Sun:

On Dec. 11, 2009, Jaclyn Martin was granted a temporary protective order under which her 260-pound husband was ordered not to abuse, threaten or harass her or to show up at her workplace, Top Notch Truck and Trailer Repair in Curtis Bay. He also was ordered to stay away from her daughter’s school and child-care providers, and was told to surrender his firearms, which she claimed in her complaint consisted of six handguns and at least five hunting rifles or shotguns.

“He’s telling me he’s going to kill me and anyone who tries to help me, and that he’s keeping my daughter,” Jaclyn Martin wrote in her complaint. “He’s been coming to property where I’m staying and taking pictures and setting off my car alarm all hours of nite.”

When she failed to show in Baltimore County District Court in Essex a week later to argue for a permanent protective order, the case was dismissed.

But on the same day that she had filed her complaint, a judge in the same courthouse granted Lee Martin’s request for an emergency evaluation of his wife, a process that determines whether a person is mentally competent.