Jackie’s forthcoming essay (in an as-yet untitled feminist journal some BFRG peeps are editing) provides a tight justification for watching only the final half hour of rape revenge movies (ideally a whole series of them, truncated and set back-to-back):

The desire for recognition compels us to be allies, rather than enemies, of the state, to sacrifice ourselves in order to meet the standards of victimhood, to throw our bodies into traffic to prove that the car will hit us rather than calling for the execution of all motorists. This is also the logic of rape revenge narratives—only after a woman is thoroughly degraded can we begin to tolerate her rage (but outside of films and books, violent women are not tolerated even when they have the “moral” grounds to fight back, as exemplified by the high rates of women who are imprisoned or sentenced to death for murdering or assaulting abusive partners).

Skip the moral purification of victimization and cue forward to enjoy ~22 minutes of catharsis — also thereby fitting your viewing experience into one of capitalist society’s most convenient and enduring entertainment formats. Yr welcome!