Yo, this is some straight-up bullshit. Cathy Brennan has consistently and remorselessly harassed trans women and men, outed them, PUT THEIR ADDRESSES ON THE INTERNET, written the UN asking that they fucking ban trans women from using women’s restrooms and generally engaged in cis-fuckery, so why the hell is Baltimore OutLoud letting her write jack-shit for them?

This lady dangerous and gross and it’s really infuriating that in the wake of Chrissy Polis, Deoni Jones, and Tyra Trent, cissexist turds like her 1:EXIST IN THE WORLD and 2:are allowed to write opinion pieces in even the shittiest butt-cracks of GLB…t newsmags like OutLoud. Cathy Brennan needs to fucking fall back and leave the writing to people who don’t regurgitate shit like (Trigger Warning!):

We fully support anti-discrimination protections for transgender and transsexual people that do not run roughshod over laws that protect females. We support the following definition of “gender identity – a person’s identification with the sex opposite her or his physiology or assigned sex at birth, which can be shown by providing evidence including, but not limited to, medical history, care or treatment of a transsexual medical condition, or related condition, as deemed medically necessary by the American Medical Association.” Such a definition would protect the classification of sex, while simultaneously providing a cause of action for discriminatory practices on the basis of a persistent and documented “gender identity.” We welcome people who fit into this definition into space segregated by sex in recognition of their perceived need for access and in the fervent hope that we can achieve such protection for identifiably transgender or transsexual people without harming females.

Whaaaaat in the fuck is this bullshit? Fuck her and Fuck B-more OutLoud Mag.