Feminist BBQ #3 — Bodies in Balance: Sunday, July 29th at 6 pm at the Red Clover Collective (603 E. 30th Street)

This week’s Baltimore Feminist BBQ will be about our bodies and how we guide them through spaces both literal and figurative.
Harriet Moon Smith (Kidz City & Baltimore Racial Justice Action) and The Dandy Vagabonds (Bmore acro-balancing duo Elliot Mittens & xander dumas) have collaborated to synthesize a critique of structures of power and coercion using using a model of reproductive justice and bodily autonomy. Using acro-balancing to illustrate and underscore key concepts, we’ll learn how to navigate space, boundaries, consent, trust, and communication when we negotiate physical and/or ideological structures.
AND! Leah B. from Gender Edge (http://genderedge.blogspot.com/) will do a lovely, short zine reading on behalf of the collective and presentation on the work that the punk-inspired art collective is doing.

As always we’ll be meeting at the Red Clover Collective to break ice & eat FREE FOOD w/ gluten free and vegan options, child care, (please rsvp if you can so we can anticipate the # of kids!) and music.

This event is closed to cis men (male assigned at birth and male identified). For more info on this, visit: http://bmorefeministbbq.wordpress.com/safety-statement/ and for more detail, here:http://bmorefeministbbq.wordpress.com/faqs/

And contact us with your ideas for the upcoming bbqs: bmoresummercamp@googlegroups.com

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And!! THANKS to the Research Associates Foundation for making this series possible!