Regarding Alex L.

Alex L. currently lives in Baltimore. He is from NY, plays music in Alex And The Imaginary Friends, and has been involved in various projects in this city.

The content of this site includes rape and abusive behavior. Please read with care.

In 2009, I was raped by Jordan Epstein, a prominent member of the Baltimore DIY/punk community and a collective member of Charm City Art Space (CCAS). When my experience became public, I was invalidated, harassed, and violently threatened by collective members of CCAS (some of who still hold collective membership). Though Jordan was eventually banned from the collective after weeks of social pressure and a statement was released, my experience and the overall issue of rape and sexual assault were not taken seriously. “Efforts” made by CCAS were referred to by it’s collective members as “damage control.”

Jordan did not respect my requests made and left…

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