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Please forward far and wide!:

Amazon, an anti-civilization trans insurgent associated with the Gender
Anarky collective within the CA prison system, and her comrade Catarina
LaPre are on the 8th day of hunger strike against the unfair treatment of
trans women within R.J Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego County.
Prison officials refuse to take Amazon and Cat off of single-cell status
because of their gender identity.  A letter from Amazon states:

“this is an emergency letter about the situation with trans girls here…
I’m trying to get off single-cell status here and cell up with cat.  my
case worker was supposed to start the process two months ago but she’s a
feminist and hating on us and don’t wanna do it.  so we went on hunger
strike to force the issue.  we have been on a hunger strike since 9-21,
didn’t eat dinner that day and have not eaten since.  this is day [eight
at this point*]… they have been trying to get us to eat but we won’t.
today cat started started feeling fucked up and vomiting water…

so we need some direct action support in this, for the prison to
double-cell me, and get on the phone to the warden here, warden paramo…
regarding why they are discriminating against transwomen here…  Gender
Anarky and militia goes to the oppressor in confrontation and leaves a
hard mark.  so show these motherfuckers who are the bitches with the

Support Amazon and Cat!

Call Warden Paramo the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility: (619)

Demand that Eva Contreraz (C-45857)and Catarine LaPre (K-67313) be take
off single-cell status and be allowed to share a cell.  Demand that an end
to the dscriminatory housing policy against trans women in the
correctional facility.


Gender Anarky has uncompromisingly attacked transphobic violence within
the prison system, and have consistently called for directly attacking the
systems of domination that the make living conditions of trans women, both
inside and outside prison, a living hell.  Attack the institutions that
maintain the miserable system of gender in solidarity with Gender Anarky
and the continuing hunger strike.

Write to Amazon and Cat:

Let them know you support their struggle against the the prison
administration.  They can be reached at:

Eva Contreraz C-45857
PO Box 799003 (C15-223)
San Diego, CA 92179-9003

Catarina LePre K-76313
PO Box 799003
San Diego, CA 92179-9003