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Molisa wa NyaKale

This is another repost from a wordpress blog I just discovered, and more, in the words of others, on the subject of queer identity in Africa…you can pull the address from my blog roll…

The following passages have been pulled from the research of Kendall, titled “Women in Lesotho and the (Western) Construction of Homophobia” which was published in the anthology, female desires

“My search for lesbians in Lesotho began in 1992, when I arrived in that small, impoverished African country and went looking for my own kind. That was before the president of nearby Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, himself mission-educated, declared moral war on homosexuality and insisted that homosexuality was a ‘Western’ phenomenon imported into Africa by the colonists. When I left Lesotho two and a half years later, I had not found a single Mosotho who identified herself as a lesbian. However, I had found widespread, apparently normative erotic…

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