Here are the readings I planned for this week.

Sorry, I couldn’t respond quickly enough to interest in homonationalism – those readings coming soon (though, any recs would be great. The most authoritative source seems to be the cultural theorist, Jasbir Puar, who may be a bit dense – like all those damn cultural ponderers)

Anyways, for now here’s 3 short articles for this week,

Winegar, Jessica. “Of Chadors and Purple Fingers: U.S. Visual Media Coverage of the Iraqi Elections.” Feminist Media Studies 5(3):391-395. 2005

Mikdashi, Maya. “The Uprisings Will be Gendered.” Feb 28th 2012.

Radwan, Noha. “How Egyptian Women Took Back the Street: A First Person Account.” Feb 20, 2011.