Safety Statement

The Baltimore Feminist Reading Group is a space where people can learn about and discuss feminism and various intersecting topics. No prior experience with feminism is required, and seasoned feminists are also welcome.

We also strive to create a space where people will feel safe and supported. As such, we work to understand what oppressive behavior is and commit to dispelling this behavior. We intend to create a space that is anti-cissexist, anti-racist, anti-fatphobic, anti-sexist, anti-heterosexist, and anti-capitalist, among other things.

We acknowledge that we’re all inundated with bullshit ways of thinking everyday, and that everyone fucks up sometimes. However, we should never simply resign ourselves to this fact, or use it as an excuse.

Basically, we’re all continuing to work hard at dispelling the lies oppression teaches us, and hope that everyone attending is doing the same.

The internet is an amazing resource. If you aren’t familiar with a particular axis of oppression, please take the time to educate yourself about it. We have some resources listed here.

Folks who pop off with some fucked up shit and don’t make any effort to correct any messed up stuff they do are not welcome.


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